Chatham Champagne Sapphire

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Chatham explains how their peachy pink sapphires come to life

Back in 2011, Chatham introduced Morganite to its list of lab-grown gemstones. The light peachy pink beryl is a highly desired color and quickly became the preferred gemstone alternative for engagement rings. However, a problem arose consistently growing Morganite in the lovely hue that gave it favored status for many. We had to find a solution that would produce the same color and remain a hard stone for everyday wear. Thus, Chatham Champagne Sapphire was born!

What is Chatham Champagne Sapphire?

Through trial and error, we opted to substitute a harder gem — corundum — instead of the mineral beryl. We experimented with growing times, introducing different trace elements to create similar shades of pink. The results were so breathtaking, we decided to offer two different shades of Chatham Champagne Sapphire: True Champagne (nude-colored undertones) and Pink Champagne (pink undertones).

In either shade, Chatham Champagne Sapphire has more intense color saturation when compared to genuine Morganite. Side by side, the sapphire stands out. And, sapphire is harder, making it an excellent option for engagement rings.

Growing Champagne Sapphire in a laboratory takes nine months to a year. We start with a seed crystal mined from the very best. In this case, we place a Sri Lankan Sapphire seed inside a chamber. By duplicating the conditions deep within the earth — temperatures, pressures, and chemical makeup — we grow beautiful sapphires in less time it takes to search and mine.

By creating the perfect environment, the peachy pink crystals grow large, saturated with color. We cut away 80% of the rough to offer you faceted Champagne Sapphires with excellent color, clarity, and brilliance.

Best of all, we cut our Champagne Sapphires in a wide range of shapes to suit any customers’ needs. And for those special requests, we can custom cut any shape and size within reason.

Millennial Pink – The Latest Rosy Trend

The launch of this new Sapphire color could not have come at a better time. Champagne Sapphire’s hue captures the essence of Millennial Pink, the color trend darling of the fashion and design world that won’t go away. It’s the color of youth evoking innocence and casual luxury.

Millennial Pink has flooded social media feeds through every possible product: from cell phones, food, and drinks, to interior design and, of course, jewelry!  It’s the most popular Instagram color with over 10,000 photos branded with the hashtag #millennialpink. It conjures up feelings of happiness, but it also calms. This rosy hue is the “it color for today’s youth.

Chatham Champagne Sapphire’s true value lies in its versatility. Its soft pastel blush complements almost every skin tone and metal color, coordinating well with other shades. It looks especially lovely set in rose gold and pairs elegantly with white or brown diamond accents.

At Chatham, we continually innovate and improve our growing methods. Sustainability and social responsibility are at the forefront of our core value system. We push forward, creating new ways to have less impact on the environment and our neighbors.

Chatham Champagne Sapphire Millennial Pink

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